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We have all kinds of smart accessories to create order on your desk, wall or in your calendar. Use your creativity to add a personal touch to your workplace or home office and organise your bits and pieces, documents and other desk clutter in the process. Granit offers a range of accessories including notepads & calendars, photo albums & frames, clips & wire to create order on your desk.




Notebooks & calendars

Notebooks, pads, calendars and year plans

Photo & frames

Photo albums and frames in different sizes

Clips & wires

Embrace your creativity and hang things where ever you want

DIY & wrapping

Wrapping accessories, stamps, glue and other things that awakens your creativity

Pens & erasers

Pens, pencils and erasers


Whiteboards, bulletin boards and blackboard stickers that make your everyday life easier


Pins, staples and other desktop accessories


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