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Fall start!

High time to eaze back into reality! At granit you'll find everything you need to get your everyday life running smoothly and keep that cozy holiday feeling going all the way until winter. Have a peek at some of our new line of functional interior design, bags and back packs in lovely dark green and blue. Plus a whole lot of smart storage solutions for your hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, well pretty much any room there is! Check out some of our news below or even better, swing by our store and hang out for a while. We'll tell you all about our new products and how to put them to good use in your home.
Shelf magazine black 27.90 €, Storage grid black 42.90 €, Notice board letters fr 27.90 € Stool wood 109 €, Clothes rack wood/canvas 125 €r 
Boxes made of recycled cardboard fr 19.90 €
Basket Senegal fr 19.90 €, Storage paper 3 pockets 27.90 €
Backpack dark blue/brown 49.90 €, Bag dark blue/brown 59.90 €


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Backpack Strap Dark Green
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Backpack in strong canvas with strap closure. The ba...
54,89 €

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