Granit, SSM & Formbruket In store & online 1 Dec.

Nytt samarbete med Formbruket & Smålands Skinnmanufaktur


New collaboration between Granit, Smålands Skinnmanufaktur & Formbruket

Bänk ask & läder 1399kr

Granit, Småland Skinnmanufaktur and Formbruket has made a series of furniture in ash and leather together.

The collection, which is designed for the kitchen is a family of nine parts, from small wall-mounted hooks to larger furniture such as a bench and wall racks. Everything is made of pure ingredients, ash and Tärnsjö leather * and with manufacturing in Småland, where the duo themselves have their roots and now works and lives.

I store & online 1 december 2016



Hillevi Magnell & Sara Rudenstam Granit och Formbruket & SSM


It felt so natural to do a new collaboration. »

Hillevi Magnell & Sara Rudenstam

Väggfack Trä/Läder 30 cmHängare Dubbel Trä/LäderBänk ask & läder 1399krServetthållare i läderVäggfack Trä/Läder 30 cmVäggfack Trä/Läder 90 cm & Knopplist

Smålands Skinnmanufaktur & Formbruket

Behind the Swedish brands Småland Skinnmanufaktur and Formbruket, is Hillevi Magnell and Sara Rudenstam. Together they are a designduo from Småland with passion for carefully selected materials and the Swedish manufacturing unites them.



We really like Sarah and Hillevi’s work and their sense of materials has lots in common with what we at Granit aspire to supply. The conscious choice of materials and Swedish production that Smålands Skinnmanufaktur and Formbruket works with, makes us particularly happy and proud of our cooperation. At Granit, we want to encourage craftsmanship and local, small scale 



Pappershållare Trä/Läder Pappershållare Trä/LäderKnopplist Trä/Läder Kort

Natural materials

Leather and wood are natural and living material that gets more beautiful with time. The ash tree is both hard and tough and is very well suited for furniture and appliances.

Tärnsjö leather

All products are made of Swedish, nature-tanned and completely chrome-free leather from Tärnsjö tannery. Tärnsjö tannery is the world’s only eco--ertified tannery with animals mainly from farms in the area.

Take good care of your furniture and let them live with you!


We have a close contact with our factories that we visit every week to learn more and to be involved in the production and create good relationships. To manufacture the products in Sweden is a way to be present throughout the process. To understand where the product is manufactured, by whom and from what. It is important for us. To be there and maintain the Swedish manufacturing and crafts tradition is an added incentive to work. We think long term and want to be associated with the high quality for which we stand.


Hillevi Magnell / Smålands Skinnmanufaktur

Sara Rudenstam / Formbruket