About us

GRANIT was born in 1997 out of pure frustration. It was easy to find cool things and nick-nacks to brighten up your home but very few simple and cleaver storage solutions to keep the home organized. An equation that made it tricky to keep track of things. We wanted to change that. In your favorite shops, you will find lots of clever storage solutions in paper, plastic and basket.

Storage is the closest to my heart, but we also have many other functional products for the home and Office. In addition to keeping our basic range consists of porcelain, glass, items for bathroom and kitchen, spices, textiles and office supplies. 

Four important characteristics unite all our goods; practical function, simple shape, fair prices and good quality. Another basic concept is to offer you products with long duration. That is why the range goes in the base colors black, white, gray and natural. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for you to complete with new goods as your needs change.

A visit to Granits shops is an experience for all senses. Fresh flowers, candles, fragrance of incense, music and tasting it yourself. Everything is there to give you a soothing sense of peace and harmony. 

Everywhere in the store, you'll also find wise storage and decorating tips from us. However, the best way to get creative ideas is to talk to anyone dressed in a GRANIT-Tee. We are happy and accommodating, we know our product range inside and out, and we are always ready to give you a helping hand. 

Granit is owned by Bergendahls and all our stores are managed and owned to 100% by Granit.

For inquiries about us or our products, please e-mail us at: service.finland@granit.com